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Fundacion Internacional de la Comunidad

Foundation Grantees

The Fundacion Internacional de la Comunidad's mission is to contribute to raise the quality of life in communities of Baja California in search of a comprehensive social development. Our objectives are:

  1. Promote the institutional development of civil organizations through funding, training and technical assistance.
  2. Promote the development of communities in widespread poverty, by funding grassroots projects.
  3. Strengthen the social capital of Baja California through national and international funding and financing.
  4. Promote greater awareness of the problems of the communities of Baja California and cooperate in its solution.
  5. Extend outreach and networking between the various sectors of society.
  6. Build up financial and operational transparency in local non-governmental organizations.
  7. Establish corporate governance of the Foundation and develop a performance management model.
  8. Reach the financial stability of the Foundation.

Over the years the International Community Foundation and FIC have collaborated on a number of cross-border philanthropic initiatives including the development of a needs assessment for Baja California; the publication of a guide to in-kind giving in Mexico; joint fundraising and collaborative donor education programs and special events.

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